Micromax Mobile Display Price

The Micromax Mobile Display Price, which many people are looking forward to, may have missed the opportunity to launch the snapdragon 845, but it is likely to usher in the technology of fingerprint unlocking. According to industry insider @mocha RQ on weibo, the Micromax Mobile Display Price is under the attack screen fingerprint identification technology, the current Synaptics solution is the main force, and the top is the replacement. It will also be equipped with a 6-inch display and 6GB/8GB of memory, which will be followed by the trend AI app, but may be changed to a vertical double-shot design, which is expected to be released in May and then officially opened in June.

Test the fingerprint to unlock the fingerprint.
Originally, it was thought that Micromax Mobile Display Price would start in the domestic market, but now it has become the xiaomi MIX2s released on March 27. As for such a situation, it may be a factor in xiaomi’s product strategy, while the other may be related to the fingerprint unlocking technique under test. The company is currently testing the plans of the two companies, according to industry insider @mocha RQ on weibo. Among them, Synaptics solution is the main force, and the top is the replacement.
Although the final test results is good who gets the seat on the “who”, but expect the Synaptics solution obtained with the possibility of larger, this also means that Micromax Mobile Display Price May use and vivo X20 Plus UD fingerprint identification module under the same screen. At the same time, due to the technical features of fingerprint identification, the Micromax Mobile Display Price will be equipped with OLED display, which will be confirmed again.
Maximum 8GB of ram
Last summer, xiaomi signed an agreement with samsung Display to buy about 3.2 million six-inch OLED Display panels, and it was speculated that it could be used on the Micromax Mobile Display Price. But the report did not mention not only as described in the @ mocha RQ is abnormity screen, and reveal the firmware information also found no evidence of similar, and in the case of carrying screen unlock the fingerprint technology, a bang modelling also appears to be redundant.

Micromax Mobile Display Price also will be pre-installed MIUI9 system based on Android 8.0, and support the Project Treble, and reveal the firmware also confirmed Micromax Mobile Display Price will be equipped with dual cameras, and real-time background blur, infrared focus and electronic image stabilization, etc. In addition, the aircraft carrying 845 processor Xiao dragon nature is no suspense, and @ mocha RQ also revealed Micromax Mobile Display Price will bring 6 gb / 8 gb of memory capacity, increase the AI application followed the trend, as for the back of the dual cameras may also be changed to landscape design.
Or may release

Micromax Mobile Display Price project, however, should be early, so while coming from samsung to take-out the GALAXY the integrated camera sensor to millet, but the possibility of use seven millet it can be said to be minimal. There is no word on whether the fabled IMX380+IMX350 camera sensor is used.

Some, unfortunately, a leaked firmware also showed Micromax Mobile Display Price battery capacity is 3170 mah, only in the release date will be at the same time to meet us in May this year, but large quantities available until June, so looking forward to the users with Micromax Mobile Display Price long waiting time.