Micromax lcd screen from Micromax Spare Parts is a proven Zhao Kuo and not suitable for use

Micromax Spare Parts Yu Micromax lcd screen wristbands came after the millet track and a series of Fitbit activity trackers. Micromax Spare Parts has built a reputation for making affordable gadgets in every category it has entered, and Micromax lcd screen is no exception.
The difference between the two products is that Micromax lcd screen has a display. This makes it easier to check your activities rather than checking statistics on your smartphone when you’re using MI Band. The tradeoff is that YuFit shortens battery life. The editor used Yu Micromax lcd screen for two weeks to see if it was a good replacement for the MI Band.

Like the Mi Band, Micromax lcd screen is a sporty bracelet with removable capsules. The capsule has a display and is the component you need to charge. It slides easily into the ring and doesn’t pop up accidentally. The YuFit is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about a slight splash when using it. Even if you’re Sweaty, a gym bracelet is comfortable. Another advantage is that, once secured, the retaining ring shows no sign of loosening or slipping. Overall, the Xiaobian is satisfied with the quality of its construction. Xiaobian also likes to exercise the bracelet carefully enough not to attract too much attention.
The YuFit display takes some getting used to. It’s not a touchscreen, so no amount of tapping is good for you. Instead, at one end of the display is an icon that looks like a bull’s-eye. Clicking on this will wake up the screen, and if you continue to click on it, you’ll be looping through statistics like time, steps, distance, calories, missed calls and texts.
Micromax lcd screen relies on two applications: Micromax lcd screen and healthhifyme. The former synchronizes your activity data and allows you to set alerts, among other basic features. The latter lets you track your diet, which is where Micromax Spare Parts wants people to buy its advanced subscription Dietitian health advice. Unfortunately, there’s no way to pair a sports band with an iPhone, because the YUFIT APP is only available for Android. It was a big mistake. If you’re an iPhone user looking for low cost activity trackers, Mi Band is one of them.
But xiaobing won’t recommend Micromax lcd screen to android users because its activity tracking is grossly inaccurate. Xiao Bian is puzzled by these imprecise randomness. On some days, the YuFit displays about the same number of steps and the distance covered by the iPhone in its small pocket (a small check to make sure the Micromax lcd screen is accurate) .

XIAOBING has reviewed several activity trackers over the past few months, and all report activity at roughly the same steps as the iPhone, with a maximum margin of error of 500 steps per day. Micromax lcd screen was the only one to show such gross inaccuracies. To make sure it wasn’t the IPHONE, the editor decided to add a third reference point: The treadmill. Xiao Bian ran on the treadmill for 70 minutes, with her iPhone in her pants pocket on the left and Micromax lcd screen on her left wrist. At the end of the run, the treadmill and the iPhone agreed on the distance covered, about 12 kilometers. On the other hand, Micromax lcd screen reports that the sub ran just 9.21 km.

For any activity tracker, an inaccuracy of 3 km or nearly 25% is inexcusable. In the two weeks that Xiaobian has spent with Micromax lcd screen, this kind of tracking failure is common. It does have other features that can work as advertised, such as vibrating alerts when you have been idle for too long, but those are of little use if Micromax Spare Parts’s Yu fails to address the basic inaccuracies of the Micromax lcd screen. If there was a silver lining, it was that although it showed up, the battery lasted more than two weeks.

Micromax touch screen is a great product on paper, but not in practice. The subtitle does not suggest buying an activity tracker that can accurately track your activity, even at a low price. It looks like Yu Yuphoria, another product of Yu stable, with a few bugs. Companies need to address these issues before releasing a product, rather than expecting users to deal with them before they are ready to release an update. At this point, thanks to accurate tracking, long battery life, and support for Android and iOS devices, the Mi Band is the undisputed leader in budget activity tracking.

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