Zhan Rui teamed up with Micromax to enter the $100 + mobile phone market

Zhan Rui is negotiating with local cell phone suppliers Micromax spare parts and Lava to expand its reach and increase revenues after a successful partnership with a local brand, JioPhone, to produce smartphones Micromax Lcd Screen priced under $100.
“The collaboration with Jiophone has played a very important role in the development of the Indian strategy, ” said Neeraj Sharma, Zhanrui’s India director. “We have become part of the ecosystem and we will continue to work with JioPhone in the future. ”
It is safe to say that Zhan Rui, the leading chip provider of feature phones with Micromax spare parts with Lcd and touch screen, is not worried about a decline in sales in India’s 2G feature phone market after a good partnership with the Jiophone. It is understood that JioPhone has launched a 4G feature phone.
“feature phones sell well, despite their low prices. And the Jiophone is just as good as a smartphone, so when users opt out of feature phones, they can use the JioPhone instead of a smartphone,”Sharma says The number of feature phones would be even greater if the Jiophone were included. QUALCOMM is another maker of mobile chips for Jiophone and Jiophone 2.
Currently, Zhanrui is working closely with Micromax spare parts and Lava to further expand its market share in the mobile phone market, especially in segments under $100. “We are looking at how we can work with them to increase market share, ” says Neeraj Sharma
According to Neeraj Sharma, these Indian mobile brands are currently in the process of refocusing their product strategy so that Zhanrui can better help them with their latest chip.
“The new platform will allow handset makers to re-evaluate their prices and it is necessary for Indian Micromax spare parts manufacturers to re-evaluate the platform with the deep involvement of Chinese manufacturers around the world, ” added Neeraj Sharma Driven by the high volume of sales of feature phones, Zhanrui’s market share in this market is almost 40% .
Neeraj Sharma said Zhanrui supplied 90 percent of the 5 million JioPhone phones that Micromax supplied to the Indian government.
To further expand the market, Zhanrui is also focusing on India’s Internet of things and smartphone market. In the Internet of things market, Zhanrui has gone deep into the vehicle tracking and intelligent instrument lamp market.
Neeraj Sharma says Zhanrui is evaluating the introduction of smart TV chips in India.

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