India’s Micromax phoneCEO: Apple iPhone price is not suitable for the local

Currently Micromax is India’s first major brands, but also the local second largest smartphone manufacturers. Its the age of 40, founder and CEO, Rahul Sharma (Rahul Sharma) think, with some policy to relax. Apple should be able to enter the Indian market, but the key point of Micromax mastered the local sales of cell phones, this apple is difficult to have.

Sharma’s policy is refers to the apple is to set up production line in India. Reports that apple will soon in the local set up a new production line, the company has sought incentives from the government, but apple built production line in India is likely to be entrusted to foxconn to operate. Not so long ago foxconn’s parent company, hon hai, ready to planning in India in 2017. In other words, the current foxconn has been basically put in India assembled iPhone everything ready.

To tell the truth, not only cook have argued that India’s market potential is tremendous, and sharma said he saw this earlier. Micromax, he claims, is one of the first batch of Indian brand, early has also face competition as big brands such as nokia and MOTOROLA, when they charge for India market launch of the first paragraph once can continue to use equipment in 30 days, tens of thousands of units were snapped up for 10 days.

Tables are turning, sharma said now more and more foreign competitors, including apple, give Micromax more pressure. Micromax aim, he said, “in the next five years for the world’s top five”, but he admits that is now India’s market competition is too fierce, in addition to China’s huawei, OPPO and millet, and long-term stability of samsung, and new join the war of the apple.

However, against the foreign manufacturers such as apple and samsung, sharma has revealed the current sales in India a few of the most important key points. Must first be affordable, and furthermore, to blend in the functions and characteristics of the development for the user group, basically satisfy both market in India will be able to get a bigger share of the market. Of course, Micromax also more than a “democratization” of factors. He said:
“In addition to the price factor, know what consumers need and Micromax key weapons in the response to foreign competitors. In India, people need an Indian flavor, people hope the product can solve the problems of daily life every day.”
India’s mobile phone Micromax CEO: not suitable for the local apple iPhone price here

The iPhone in India hasn’t time to blossom
Obviously, apple does not have these conditions in India, because apple iPhone costs an average of more than $600, and this is as low as $80 in the market. Sharma said, as long as the master mentioned key points, and the cheap iPhone launch a money and goods, must be able to help apple faster to open the India market, formed the scale effect. Cook is not, however, did not see the problem, he just think too soon. He said:
“The Indian market sales of smart phones with more low-end products, mainly because the network and economic environment is not mature. I think the Indian mobile phone market is likely to be China’s seven to ten years ago, as a result, from this perspective, the Indian market does have a certain potential.”

Cook, yes indeed, the Indian mobile phone market is not mature, high-end smartphones in the market every year sales may only 8 million units to 10 million units, compared with neighboring China market, this of course is dwarfed. Data show that apple mobile phone sales in the Chinese market each year up to 60 million units.

In any case, India is the world’s second largest smartphone market. It has more than 1 billion mobile phone users, and the whole market is growing fast. Ericsson telecoms company recently issued a market research report predicts that India the number of smartphone users, which will increase from 220 million to 810 million in 2021. At present there are still 80% of Indian consumers are not really able to connect to the Internet, the future mobile phone will become a important bridge.

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